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Velox3 sets new world record

The Human Power Team from the Netherlands won the 2013 World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC) in Nevada, achieving a new world record speed of 133.78 km/h.
The aerodynamic composite shell of the team?s Velox3 was manufactured using DSM?s Daron resins optimized for use in a vacuum infusion process. In combination with carbon fibres, Daron resins make strong, tough and durable composite parts and as a result of their low inherent viscosity the demonstrate fast fibre impregnation and excellent adhesion.

The resins can be easily adjusted for making complexly shaped parts, providing great freedom in design.

The WHPSC is held annually near the American village of Battle Mountain. For the event the Sunrise and Sunset Highway (SR305) remains closed for five days. This straight highway is 10 km long and has a maximum slope of 0.65%. Since the highway is in the middle of the desert there are no buildings and the Velox3 met very few obstacles.

??At the moment of truth both the technical and human side came together in the right way,? said team leader Wouter Lion. "This superlight Velox3 allowed our Sebastiaan Bowier to become the fastest driver of a human-powered vehicle in the world.?